This resource is a work in progress and is being developed following iterative design principles. It’s purpose is to support research interest in the use of publicly available data on the internet to investigate the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had on teaching practices.

Broad research question(s)

“..what educators have learned from teaching during the pandemic, how their practices have been disrupted, what kind of innovations have resulted from this and how these are evolving?”


This resource uses various R programming packages to conduct data collection and carry out some preliminary analysis.

Text mining as a method

DH Ox Summer School @dhoxss

Working with textual data

The terms Textual analysis and Text mining generally refer to the use of computational methods to search, retrieve, and analyse text data.

  • Textual analysis is a broad term for various research methods used to describe, interpret and understand texts.

  • Text mining seeks to extract useful and important information from heterogeneous document formats through identifying patterns within texts, such as trends in words usage, syntactic structure, etc.

Text mining (video)

Methods used in this resource

Broadly speaking the workflow for text mining includes the following steps:

  1. Collect public data
  2. Clean and prepare the text data
  3. Carry out analysis

The following digital methods are being tested: